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It’s still hard for me to call myself a real estate pro. In my heart, I’m just a computer nerd who turned $39k into a $50 million real estate portfolio in nine years. There’s no magic, luck nor special connections involved. It’s all a numbers game. All you have to do to beat my success is pull and filter the same data in your local marketplace.

But these simple strategies are apparently trade secrets that the big real estate players keep close to their chest. So let’s level the playing field. Are you ready to learn how to data mine off-market property records and contact distressed homeowners before their bank does? How about never needing to guess again at an auction and know exactly how much equity is available in a deal before the auction starts? Whether you’re an active cash investor, wholesaler or listing agent looking for white-hot leads no one knows about, I’ve got your back and will teach you all the tools you need to dominate your local market.

Tired of the generic investing advice and want to learn the tricks the "gurus" keep for themselves?

There’s over $15.2 trillion in privately held home equity in the US. It’s a grand, all you can eat buffet and my dream is to make sure everyone gets a seat at the table.

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I started investing in real estate foreclosure auction in 2009 without prior real estate investing knowledge or experience. I was scared, I did not have all the money in world. Back then, in an environment where 300 properties were sold daily and each sale could take less than a minute, I learned very quickly that information is a commodity. The more you know about a property and it’s legal situation the better chance you have to be successful and more importantly reduce your risks.


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Start watching Liran’s Free videos that will cut years from your learning curve and save you tens of thousands of dollars. Includes questions answers for common real estate investing for today’s market. This is a complete free mentorship package to give wholesalers and direct cash investors a guaranteed and these who are just starting a huge advantage over all competitors in any market.

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Are you ready to to learn how to gain advantage over your competition by scrapping data? Do you have a niche that you wish you could automate to save time? Buying real estate it’s not all about being capable and having money, for me it’s mostly about data, time and efficiency. If you’re not the first in the door and you’re fighting against other offers on a deal, improvement must be made.

If you want real success, then never stop learning. Ask me anything, big or small. Look forward to hearing from you.

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