Hi! I'am Liran Koren

Ever since emigrating to the United States from Israel, I’ve been a blessed man. This wonderful country has bestowed more wealth, both financially and in the far more important currency of personal happiness, than I know what to do with. So the least I can do is “pay it forward” and share what I’ve learned.

Since selling my IT services shop in 2008, I’ve bootstrapped building a sales team and technical infrastructure to go from managing one rental property a year to flipping and renting over 100 homes every year. All thanks to boring old data mining and without having any formal training in real estate nor outside investors.

For years, friends and acquaintances have complained that I’ve been “too secretive” and refuse to share my “magical” tips and tricks. Truth is, I’m not greedy of my success. I’m just a humble, simplistic man who hates to brag. On the other hand, once I dipped my toes into the coaching pool, I realized how fun, challenging but immensely rewarding it is to educate. To turn any struggling investor or agent into a millionaire.

So that’s how I found a new passion in life. Care to join me and live out your dreams?

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