Who Am I And What Can I Do For You?

I’m not a motivational speaker nor some has-been investor selling the secrets that worked once upon a time.

I’m a South Florida based computer geek turned high-volume, ultra-active real estate investor. By mastering the unsexy grunt work of data mining that everyone finds so boring, I turned $39,000 in savings into a $50 million portfolio in nine years. And I can help you do the same… Or better.

Connections, capital, luck or skill having nothing to do with it. Lasting and sustainable success in this business is all about data. With the right software in place to create a “God’s eye view” of every possible off-market lead in your territory before anyone else, and a professional system to exploit those leads, you’ll be unstoppable in any market.

Not sure if this is right for you? Chat with us here or shoot an email to outreach@lirankoren.com. Let us know what city/county you’re looking to invest in and will show you how we can help.

What’s The Point Of This Coaching Program?

Note: This is the coaching only package, which assumes you’re ordering the leads separately or you’re sourcing them on your own.

If you’ve read my books or seen my Youtube videos, then you already understand the general steps you should be taking. You grasp the theory on how to find, screen and close on high-equity off-market deals. So what you need now is not another static training resource, but guided real world experience. Since every property is unique, every deal is going to present its own unique challenges and opportunities. There’s only so much you can learn in the classroom, so it’s time to put this knowledge to work and hone your skills in your local market… but without gambling away your capital.

Minimizing risk and stress is where we come in. We’ll guide you step by step through creating and feeding your sales pipeline. In short, we’ll watch over your shoulder every step of the way. My team will listen in on your sales calls and offer outreach and negotiating advice, double check your math and due diligence on every deal before you sign, and have your back when the real world throws you a curve ball you weren’t expecting.

Consider it like investing with training wheels. For less than the cost of an agent’s commission on a single deal, you’re getting the all inclusive support you need to close dozens of deals with confidence and safety.

And no, this is not some motivational course to build up your confidence. We’re not cheerleaders. This is an active investment advisory service. Our average coaching sessions aren’t about broad strategy or generic business principles. We’re laser-focused on the unglamorous grunt work needed to solve specific problems.

For example, here are some of the most common questions from our clients:

  • “So there’s some equity in this deal, but not as much as I originally thought. What are my options now? Should I take title via a QCD and negotiate with creditors, try to profit from the auction surplus, assume the mortgage or perhaps wholesale the contract? What are the risks and potential profit with each course of action?
  • “I’m having trouble finding good comps for this property. How do I find better ones?”
  • “I’m not confident in my ARV and max offer estimates. Can you look over my numbers?”
  • “I’m not sure if this lien is going to be wiped out at the auction or not, but I don’t want to pay for a title search yet. How do I find out what’s going on with the lien priority?”
  • “So the seller accepted my offer, but my gut tells me I missed something. Could you double check my due diligence before I sign?”
  • “I’m working a probate or divorce lead and one of the joint title owners just got cold feet. How do I salvage things?”
  • “I’m trying to wholesale this contract, but I’m having trouble finding reliable end buyers. How do I find and approach local cash investors that aren’t squeamish about purchasing properties that need a lot of rehab?”
  • “I’m not getting the conversion rate I expected on my sales calls. Can you listen to the recordings and give me some detailed feedback about how to answer a prospect when they say…”

Who Is This Program Intended For?

If any of these scenarios apply to you, then I’ve been in your shoes. So let me show you how to quit guessing and dominate any marketplace by coaching you in detail through the next-level strategies that the real estate “gurus” keep for themselves.

  • Are you a listing agent tired of the constant hustle and expense needed to find quality leads and want to get a hundred listings in the pipeline this month?
  • Are you a wholesaler looking to crack the two-sided market problem of securing properties at a steep discount while lining up reliable cash buyers beforehand?
  • Are you a direct investor fed up with the limited inventory and heavy competition that keeps squeezing your margins?
  • Are you an auction buyer who’s sick of bidding blind and winning only the lowest profit homes?
  • Are you a note investor who’s beginning to feel like this is too risky and there has to be a safer, smarter way to take advantage of the priority of liens?

What Does It Cost And What Precisely Am I Getting For My Investment?

Deep-Dive Mentorship

  • All inclusive coaching for the entire month. No limits. No restrictions. Ask us anything at any time or have us train up your team. We’re at your disposal.
  • Guaranteed 24 hour turnaround for all questions, including requests to find comps, estimate ARV, and determine initial & max purchase offers.
  • We don’t just give answers; we walk you through the nitty gritty details so that you can replicate everything we’re doing with seasoned confidence within 6 months.

Price: $399 a month


Daniel Arvatz

Real Estate Developer and Auction Buyer

“I’ve been in real estate since 2001, but when I saw his system I flew my whole team in to meet him… just to learn how he perfected the system.”

Eric J. Braunstein

Real Estate Title Attorney

“Over the course of 8 years, I’ve personally done over 1,000 flips or other closings with Liran and I have not seen an instance of him taking any big hits, at all. Kind of amazing, if you think about it.”

Ilan Eliyahu

Owner of Comp R US

“I was blown away by the technology and the simplicity. Before, it took me months to find just one good investment property… now I’m finding leads and closing almost every month.”

Yoni Levy

Owner of Digital Land TV

“He was always available for any question and really showed how the big investors work. You can see his passion for teaching and mentoring, which makes this course really different than anything else online.”

Juliana Gaita

Foreclosure Defense Attorney

“If Liran doesn’t know the answer to something, he knows how to find it. That gives him a real advantage… That’s why we can create a win-win situation out of whatever we’re presented with.”