Who Am I And What Can I Do For You?

I’m not a motivational speaker nor some has-been investor selling the secrets that worked once upon a time.

I’m a South Florida based computer geek turned high-volume, ultra-active real estate investor. By mastering the unsexy grunt work of data mining that everyone finds so boring, I turned $39,000 in savings into a $50 million portfolio in nine years. And I can help you do the same… Or better.

Connections, capital, luck or skill having nothing to do with it. Lasting and sustainable success in this business is all about data. With the right software in place to create a “God’s eye view” of every possible off-market lead in your territory before anyone else, and a professional system to exploit those leads, you’ll be unstoppable in any market.

Not sure if this is right for you? Chat with us here or shoot an email to outreach@lirankoren.com. Let us know what city/county you’re looking to invest in and will show you how we can help.

How Does This Work?

Step 1: Order A Local Market Research Report

Price: $149.99

This is where our research team evaluates a new market and puts together a step by step report to find local Tier 1, 2 & 3 leads at the earliest possible point. Well before they become public record and the competition heats up.

This covers how to flag them before anyone else from your local, circuit and probate courthouses, plus how to cross reference point of contact names to find the property in question and research the liens/pending judgment amounts.

This is the exact same report we send our tech team as a work order when you place an order. It covers everything they need to automate the data extraction process. But we’ll send you a copy first so you can shop around and solicit competing bids from other programmers, or even hire your own data entry assistant to manually extract the data you need.

This report generally only takes 1-2 business days to return.

Note: This research fee is waived for the first new market you request if you’re enrolled in the bundled coaching and lead service.

Step 2: Order Leads In A New County

Price: $300 deposit, plus $75/month after leads are delivered.

Only order this after you’ve received the local research report and talked with us about what customization steps we need to add. Then you’ll know exactly what data you’re paying for.

With this service, we’re building a brand new set of web-scripts for you that no one else has access to. We do require a one-time initial deposit to cover our basic development costs, but after that you’ll be billed at the regular lead subscription price each month. You’ll receive your leads every Monday by email.

In addition, we will keep the script reserved solely for you during the first 4 weeks after it’s delivered. We’ll give you a full month’s head-start before making the leads available for anyone else to purchase.

Note: No deposit is required for the first new market you request if you’re enrolled in the bundled coaching and lead service and paid the one-time fee instead of the monthly installment plan.